Earth Awaken!
Integrity, Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, Freedom, Intimacy, Oneness
Remember & Awaken to the Christ Consciousness Within
through Inner-Awareness, Wisdom and Love!

Live the life you were born to live, live your life to the fullest.

Wherever you are in your life you are in the perfect place living the perfect life.  If that little voice in your head just said BS as you read the previous line give yourself acknowledgement because you are hearing that which is wanting to be cleared out of your subconscious mind.

We are here to support you as you walk on your spiritual path during this tremendous time of exciting changes and cleansing of our beautiful planet Earth!  We provide one on one counseling, discussion groups, classes and workshops to support you in your transformation.
We are always looking for volunteers. You will find that in volunteering, you will find happiness and strength.

Our doors are always open.

Call 858-342-8216 for details.
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